Daniel Antonelli

Daniel Antonelli


Mr. Antonelli currently serves as the Appointed Municipal Attorney for the Township of Union and the City of Linden.  Mr. Antonelli has represented the Township of Union since 1998 and the City of Linden since 2012.

In both positions, in addition to the day to day activities of the position, Mr. Antonelli attends all scheduled public meetings. In this regard, Mr. Antonelli has gained substantial experience dealing with the Open Public Meetings Act, handling responses from members of council and of the public, and is often called to render an opinion to the governing body as the issue arises. Mr. Antonelli is fully familiar with Title 40 and 40A of the New Jersey statutes. Consistent with these statues, Mr. Antonelli has drafted numerous ordinances and resolutions. Set forth below is a sampling and description of some noteworthy resolutions and/or ordinances:

  1. Public Right to Videotape: consistent with Tarus v. Borough of Pine Hill, the Township Committee of the Township of Union adopted a resolution that was drafted by the undersigned recognizing the public’s right to videotape a meeting..
  2. Registration and Licensing of Rental Property: the Township Committee of the Township of Union adopted a comprehensive ordinance requiring landlords to register their property with the township. The township works in partnership with the Board of Education, and through the licensing ordinance is able to identify those students who are not proper residents for purposes of utilizing township schools and has resulted in a large number of students being removed from the district.
  3. Vacant and Abandon Property Registration Ordinance: The City of Linden adopted an ordinance that requires the registration of abandon and vacant properties, which has allowed the City to generate significant revenue while addressing issues of blight and maintenance of property.

Mr. Antonelli has also been involved in litigation in both the State and Federal Courts that touches upon areas of municipal law:

  1. Barbera, et al. v. Patricia Rapach: successfully represented the Berkeley Heights Township Clerk in a challenge to her certification of a petition that sought a referendum for a $10 million dollar bond ordinance
  2. Township of Union v. Kean University: successfully obtained a temporary injunction against Kean University temporarily halting a construction project on the Liberty Hall Museum site, until Kean University secured all its required environmental approvals.
  3. Citizens for a United Union v. Eileen Birch: represented Mrs. Birch, the Union Township Clerk in her underlying actions in denying certification to place a direct form of government on the ballot which was upheld by the Court. Consulted with Mrs. Birch on a daily basis in order to assist her in the proper review of the petition.
  4. Conway v. Florham Park: successfully obtained a judgment against Florham in Park the approximate amount of $50,000 for their illegal and improper removal of its then administrator, Jack Conway. This case made it to the New Jersey Supreme Court, and ultimately was dismissed on a technicality, not on the merits.
  5. Roseland Democratic Municipal Committee v. Borough of Roseland: successfully obtained a preliminary injunction requiring the Borough to give the oath of office to candidate, Joseph Rolli, immediately, as required under the Municipal Vacancy Law.

Mr. Antonelli has a diverse background and experience. In that regard, and in addition to his private clients, Mr. Antonelli has represented the< following entities in the following capacities:

  1. Township Attorney for Union;
  2. City Attorney for Linden;
  3. Municipal Prosecutor for Fanwood;
  4. Municipal Prosecutor for the City of Linden;
  5. Municipal Prosecutor for the Borough of West Caldwell;
  6. Special Litigation Counsel for the City of Elizabeth;
  7. Special Counsel for the Union County Utilities Authority;
  8. Special Redevelopment Counsel for the Town of Dover;
  9. Special Litigation Counsel for the Town of Dover;
  10. Special Counsel for the County of Union;
  11. Special Counsel for the Township of Hillside;
  12. Special Litigation Counsel for the City of Plainfield;
  13. Hearing Officer for the City of Plainfield;
  14. Special Litigation Counsel for the City of Perth Amboy;
  15. Labor Counsel for the City of Trenton;
  16. Special Counsel for the City of Trenton;
  17. ABC Prosecutor for the City of Trenton;
  18. Special Counsel for the Town of West New York
  19. Special Counsel for the Joint Meeting of Essex and Union Counties; and
  20. Special Counsel for the City of Hoboken