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Antonelli Kantor Rivera attorneys are known for their superior litigation skills, as the firm has successfully litigated complex matters in both the state and federal courts in New Jersey.

Antonelli Kantor Rivera successfully represents its clients throughout every stage of the litigation process. In that regard, our Firm considers the possibilities of alternative dispute resolution early on, but remain prepared to try cases where necessary and appropriate.

In order limit exposure, protect assets, and achieve our client’s overall goals, our Firm always engages in a through Litigation analysis. To that end, we will listen to your needs and develop a cost-effective plan to protect your economic and strategic interests.

Specifically, Antonelli Kantor Rivera works with its clients to prioritize the risk-returns on each of the options, and to implement the best strategies. We deliver the facts, legal analysis, and potential risks of litigation necessary to allow our clients to make an informed decision on what steps to take given the specific details of your case. You will always know where your case stands and why we are taking each action.

Our attorneys represent public entities, individuals and business entities, including real estate developers; manufacturing, retail, software and construction companies; medical professionals; banks and other financial institutions; private individuals; accountants; architects; engineers; and trusts and estates.

It goes without saying that if you choose Antonelli Kantor Rivera for your litigation needs, that our firm will fight hard and advocate vigorously on your behalf.

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